Benefits of Incense

April 01, 2017 / Wellness

We have five senses, they are all unique and have their own very specific job. The nose especially can be a very extraordinary tool. It can remember things we have forgotten and save us from making terrible mistakes. Your nose will tell you if something went bad before your mouth will. Our nose detects hundreds of thousands of smells, all that can evoke emotions and stimulate the brain. When we meditate or practice mindfulness, our goal is to quiet the mind and limit the thoughts. Sometimes, however, we use meditation or mindfulness to strengthen or bring awareness to something specific; our nose can help us do that.


Using incense in our meditation or mindfulness practice, like yoga or Tai Chi, can get you so many extra benefits. Not will you get different benefits from each different kind of scent, but the incenses themselves hold their own benefits.  


Increased concentration:

They can clear the air as well as the mind, leaving you with an increased sense of awareness. Certain incense can increase focus, like the incense lotus that promotes mental clarity, increased focus, and heightened intelligence. Also, cardamom is known for its ability to induce mental clarity, concentration, confidence, courage, enthusiasm, and motivation. Both of these can awake the sense of smell and encourage mental focus. These are great tools to use when you’re feeling less grounded and you can’t appear to focus at work, during meditation, or during yoga.


Encourages Emotional Release:

A lot of incense can trigger an emotional response based on what their smell is. It could be anything from promoting relaxation and calm, happiness, or sexual desire. Again, depending on the type of scent you choose, you can simulate all kinds of emotions. For example, the scent sweet pea can manifest courage and love in the body, honeysuckle can trigger happiness, and basil can help with building confidence and trust.


Find Balance:

There are those days when we feel off and we need to find some balance; incense can also help with that. They can trigger a feeling of harmony and balance. Using incense to find your center can help make meditation easier and can keep stress levels down. Ylang-ylang and anise are great for stimulating harmony and even emotional balance. Angelica is another one and promotes stability and understanding. All of these can be used if you’re having a tough time feeling centered.


Strengthen Your Memory:

The sense of smell can allow you to remember just about anything. Any trigger of a certain smell can bring back memories from a long time ago; maybe it is a person, place, or thing. Maybe you are studying for an exam and you need to remember a bunch of facts or a big presentation; using incense while you are studying and then again before your exam can help you remember better. Vanilla is an especially good incense to use when you’re trying to enhance your memory.


Stress Relief:

We all know that lavender is good for stress relief, but did you know that so was chamomile, passionflower, cypress, lilac, and gardenia. Using incense to help you relax is probably nothing new to you. You can use them at night or during meditation to help you feel more relaxed.


Manifest Money:

During meditation or affirmations, you can use incense to help manifest what you really want or need; money is a big one for a lot of people. There are a lot of incense that promote money and wealth into someone’s life. So, if you need a little spare change, it might be time to light one: incense such as cinnamon, clove, basil, bayberry, mint, honeysuckle, and jasmine.


Set the Mood:  

Need help feeling the passion? No problem, just like lighting candles, incense can stimulate love and lust in the body. Incense such as cherry, clove, carnation, cedar, mint, patchouli, ginger, and vanilla can all have an arousal effect on the body.


Cleansing/ Purifying:

You can also use incense to clear and cleanse an area of bad energy. Or, you can use them while meditating to help clear your mind of bad memories or feelings. Citronella, coconut, dragon’s blood, cedar, eucalyptus, and sage are all great incense to clear and clean out a space. Using these incense can bring better harmony and balance to a space. It is like hitting the reset button when you cleanse a space, or even your mind, with the right scent.


There are so many different kinds of incense from which you can choose. No matter the situation, there is usually an incense that can help. Don’t be afraid to add a little aromatherapy to your space, especially when meditating or practicing mindfulness. Using the right aids can really help you work through something faster, and what is better that utilizing your best asset: Your Nose!