Our Favorite Tools to Use during Meditation

September 15, 2017 / Wellness Tools

Meditation is a wonder, too, to help you de-stress, ease tension, and weed out the goings on in the mind. However, when you do something on a daily basis, as we hope you are, it can be nice to mix things up. During meditation, it can be fun to use some different tools to enhance or bring a new vibe to your meditation. Here are our favorite tools that we like to use during meditation.


#1 Meditation Cushion








A meditation cushion or support can be really helpful when practicing your meditation. It can help alleviate pressure from the lower back and legs and allow you to sit straighter. Meditation cushions are designed to help you maintain your seat during meditation.


#2 Tibetan Singing Bowls / Gong / Bells


You can use Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs or Bells before, during, and after meditation. The rhythmic sound these tools make can help to open and close your meditation practice. They encourage deep relaxation, healing, and stress relief.


#3 Incense / Essential Oils

Essential oils and incense can be used during meditation to help clear or promote certain emotions, feels, or struggles. Depending on the blend or scent that is used will determine the properties it holds.


#4 Noise Machine


If it is hard for you to find a quiet place or sometimes enjoy some music during your meditation, then we recommend trying a noise machine. Whether it is to cancel some noise or listen to the sound of the ocean, there is no better way to make your meditation interesting again than with a noise machine. On a side note, many of the noise machines now also double as an essential oil diffuser so you can get double the enjoyment out of them.


#5 Mala Beads


I love Mala beads. They are a wonderful tool to use during meditation. They can help you keep track of the number of breath cycles you have taken or the number of mantras you have recited. They can also be quite fashionable, too. Each mala can be made of a number of materials that have different properties. So, find the best fit for you before using them in your meditation practice.


#6 Crystals


Crystals are another fun tool that also hold so many different properties. They can clear out negative energy in the mind and body. They can also transfer their own energy properties to you. There are crystals specifically for chakra work, if you have desire to clear out your chakras. Again, pick one that embodies what you need during your mediation and use it to help you through your practice.


#7 Candles


There is nothing like a good candle to help set the mood for relaxation. There are all kinds of candles for meditation, including those that spark certain chakras. Like incense and essential oils, candles can help promote healing and other properties, depending on the scent. The difference with candles, though, is that they have a flame that you can feed off of during meditation. The energy of fire is wonderful for clear or igniting passion in a meditation. As always, use caution when meditating with candles and open flames.


#8 Blanket


As you relax, your body temperature drops, and during meditation, there is minimal movement, so it is important to keep warm. Grabbing a blanket can do just that! Making sure you’re nice and warm can make the whole experience easier and more enjoyable.


#9 Apps



There are so many different tools you can use to teach yourself how to meditate. Sometimes using a guided meditation on an app is the best way to keep with your meditation practice. Our favorites are Headspace and Insight Timer.


#10 Study Materials


Really enhance your meditation practice through books and the teaching of others. There are many people out there who have devoted their lives to the practice of meditation and mindfulness. Our favorite book to carry around (because it’s so small) is The Pocket Pema Chodron by Shambhala.