A Book Recommendation for Couples

September 08, 2017 / Relationships

A Book Recommendation: For those who want, have, or are going to tie the knot.


Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts

By Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott


I got married a little over 10 months ago. The planning for the wedding was stressful, there was family drama, and by the time it was over I really could not figure out what had happened. All I knew is that I was married and it was the best feeling ever! I was sure the wedding was going to be the most challenging part of the first year of marriage; but, like most brides, I was wrong. While most relationships have their ups and downs, many people don’t prepare you for that first big fight you have with your husband. When it happens, not only are you unprepared, but you also start questioning your entire life because you did just take this big step. Luckily for me (and a reason one of the many reasons why I love my husband), my husband is a proactive person and found this book. Not only did this help us, but it also taught me a great deal as an amateur wife.


Being promoted from girlfriend to fiance is a breeze. You feel nothing but excitement and bliss when you’re sporting your fancy engagement ring. However, when you’re promoted from fiance to wife, then things get serious. Not only do you have this fancy new title, but a whole lot more responsibilities! So, making the transition from girlfriend to fiance to wife, while showered in love, can be challenging. Anytime you’re new to something, you will come across challenges. That is why old married couples look so happy. They have been married so long they no longer sweat the small stuff and they know how to handle problems like a champ.


Working through this book was probably one of the best things we did as newlyweds. The book contains 10 chapters, a symbis test that can be taken online, and a workbook that comes with 24 exercises. All of these tools are designed to help you get on the same page as your partner. It also encourages you to have some conversation that you didn’t even think to have. Plus, it teaches you all kinds of wonderful tricks to keep your marriage successful for years to come. It basically is like a marriage counselor in a book and who doesn’t need to coach when you’re trying something new.


Saving Your Marriage before It Starts was written by Drs. Les Parrott and Leslie Parrott, psychologist and marriage and family therapist. They also have been married since 1984. So, not only do they have experience with their own real life, but they have been counseling couples of all ages for decades. This book was first published in 1995 but has been updated several times since. They have written this book to appeal to newly engaged and married couples, but it is also really helpful if you have been married any amount of time. So, if marriage is in your future or present, then I would highly recommend giving this a try.

Wellness Sidekick does not recognize itself as a religious website, but from time to time we will recommend different things from all different faiths. Because we believe that love and relationships are an important part of life, we wanted to recommend this book.Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts does, however, have some Christian viewpoints, but they are minor and you can still enjoy its guidance no matter your faith. Many of their examples are related to their church and the final section is in reference to God. Feel free to reinterpret what they are saying to fit the religious views you follow. Happy reading and good luck to all those engaged couples out there; thank you for finding each other!


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