Working With What You Got.

August 11, 2017 / Money

An area for people that appears to be a big reason why they don’t live a healthier lifestyle is the cost. The health and wellness industry can come across as very expensive and intimidating. Among fitness classes, gym memberships, clothing, supplements, food, and equipment. it can get really out of hand. Being healthy shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You shouldn’t be putting yourself into debt trying to lose weight or feel better. Many people buy into these quick fix supplements, fancy workout equipment, or services that provide with all food marked up way too much. It can get really out of hand with no results.


For those on a tight budget:


Becoming healthy takes dedication, not debt. The biggest expense you should have when becoming healthy is with your food. That is your priority. At the very least, if you are on an extremely tight budget, the place where you need to put your money is what is going into your mouth. Food is your primary tool that you use to feel your best. Most of the ingredients you find in the self-care section are made from things you buy at the grocery store.


So, take a deep breath and let the notion that you can’t afford a healthier life go. You absolutely can and it is important to prioritize and know that the money you do invest in your health is so that you don’t have to invest more later in life. Upgrading what you have in your kitchen just means that you should be shopping more seasonally, more organically, and investing in products with fewer ingredients. You don’t need supplements to get nutrients, proteins, or special amino acids you can get all those from food. You can maintain optimal nutrition from just picking whole unprocessed foods. Let the outdoors be your gym and your bathroom be your spa. For the budgeters out there, you can become as the next person who can afford all the fancy stuff!


For the ones who have a little extra:


If you’re someone who has a little room in the budget for a gym membership or few new cookbooks, the advice you need is to be careful where you put your time and energy. Your primary focus is on investing in with what you nourish your body, and then the next thing is what gives a boost!


Don’t let the promise of a quick fix or a personal trainer distract you from what you need. If you aren’t going to like it, don’t invest in it. You know you better than anyone does. Pick a few things that really work for you and your body. If you know you need a group of people to keep you motivated when you work out, place your money there. If you feel better taking a certain supplement or protein powder, then go for it. Maybe you feel amazing when you get a monthly massage; then that’s where you little extra should go. Be strategic, be focused, but, most importantly, be picky.


For those who want to invest it all.


Good news! You have so many options and resources! The bad news is you have to be careful. Think about how you eat, how you exercise, and how you feel from day to day. The three key things you need to consider when forging your health journey is your daily schedule, personality, and value vs. cost and effectiveness. If you sign up to do all of these different health programs or start working with a personal trainer, does everything line up with your schedule? Are you going to feel burned out? Do you still have down time?


Does everything you’re doing line up with your personality? Are you doing something just because you think it is going to make you feel better? Only commit to something you know will make you happy and aid you in your health and wellness goals. Just because it worked for your friends doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy doing it or it will be right for your health.


Pay attention and decide if it is worth the investment. You need to value what you’re doing and it needs to be effective; otherwise, it isn’t worth the cost. Don’t waste your time on a 7-day, $200 juice cleanse if you know you won’t make it to day 3 although your friend tried it and it made her feel amazing. Instead, use that money to treat yourself to something different that you know will benefit you just as much, such as a new water bottle and some fresh fruit. This is your money, health, and wellness. Take control and be productive. You have endless options now; you just have to feel them out and see what boosts you the most.