It’s About More Than Just Food

July 06, 2016 / Mind and Body

There is more than one way to nourish your body. When trying to lose weight or achieve a wellness goal most people go right to what they are eating and try some crazy diet. I notice that it never lasts. In my opinion, diets never work or if they do you get about 6 months of good results from them. With that also comes many many issues. You have cravings, hunger and all sorts of “the struggle is real” moments. You may also find that you want to murder anyone who comes within 20 feet of you. Let’s not do that. We want to be nice to our fellow weirdos. So then how can we still meet our health goals and not kill anyone?

Well my suggestion is looking at your primary food. What the flippin frosting is primary food you ask? It is the areas of your life that nourishes you mentally and emotionally. Primary foods are broken down into four main groups, each playing a very important part in your life.  Relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality all make up these four areas. They are what nourish you and when they are out of balance your wellness will suffer and that diet you are trying will never stick. Taking a closer look you can see what I am talking about.

All the Feels

Relationships, and I am talking all kinds, the romantic, friendship, co-workers and even with your kids are a type of primary food. How you interact with these people can contribute a great deal to your health and happiness, making this a big part of primary food. For example if your significant other is not a good match and you are constantly in battle with yourself, your health habits will reflect that. As so we tend to pick up the habits of our significant others making it important to recognize those as a common interest. If you both like staying at home and cooking together chances are you will both try harder to nourish each other in a healthy way because that is love. Knowing that you genuinely want to see each other and have the same future goals will take a load off in the stress depart and that is extremely important to health. With friendship it is important to find people who you can confide in and be yourself. If you have toxic friendships that will weigh on your health just as much as a bad relationship. Relationships can bring so much toxicity into your life if they are poor ones. This is why it is so important to understand which ones are working for you and which ones are not.

If one is not working for you it might be time to let go as hard as it may be. You can also try communicating in your relationship to see if the problems can be resolved, but ultimately change will need to happen for health and happiness. Knowing you have balance and positive relationships are a major part of primary food which also transcends to your professional work relationships.

The Daily Grind

Career is another area to the primary food puzzle; knowing you are doing something that fulfills you and gives you purpose is very important. You spend a significant part of your time at work and with your coworkers. If you are taking on a career that gives you no purpose then you will be coming home with those problems and taking them out on your relationships. Realizing  you’re not in the best fit career can be scary and add to your stresses so if that is you take some time to reflect on your situation and whether you can make changes to that area of your life. Whether that is a new job or a new position; it might take longer than a few months but ultimately you will be happier and healthier in the long run. Finding the best fit career can be challenging so while it might take a while, try to find an outlet for your troubles. This brings me to our next area.

My armpits are crying

Physical activity, I am sure everyone’s favorite thing to think about. Some people already have their routine down or have found out what exercise works best for them. Maybe it is going to the gym or running a few times a week. Others are less prepared but it is key to know what works for you and what doesn’t because going to the gym might not be a good fit forever or even possible for some people. You need to know what works best. Are you a group activity person or maybe you like the solo time. Do you have any injuries or medical problems; you might have played a sport when you were a kid that you would like to get back into. Sometimes taking a nice walk or a gentle yoga class is all that you can do but it still counts as physical activity. Something to think about….ya know? Either way physical activity is so important for the mind and body as you release so many happy hormones when you get moving and that is good for all the weirdos you might have injured. So instead of playing butt meets coach maybe you put on your sneaks and go for a walk! Who knows maybe your partner or coworkers will join you and everyone will be happy and god knows we all want you to be happy. Speaking of God….this brings us to our last part.

God is that you?

Spirituality Bing! The guy with the white spot light just appeared, or I am staring at the sun when I say this. It’s a big topic and a pretty sensitive one so I’ll be clear. Spirituality is important to primary food because it gives your body and mind something to believe in which makes us feel whole. Now spirituality can be anything you want it to be. You might believe in god(s), the universe, that satan guy, science, aliens or something completely different but as long as you feel a connection to something else that’s what spirituality is. Also coming together with a group of people who believe in the same thing can do wonders for your health because you are connecting with other people. Studies have shown people are happier and healthier when they belong to a religious or spiritual group because they are generally positive organizations that promote charitable and selfless work. Once again it might be something to sample and just because you were dragged to church as a kid doesn’t mean you have to pick that up again. Maybe you can try something new or pick up a book on a religion that you fancy. You never know, god(s), the universe, aliens, science and even that satan guy work in very mysterious ways. Adding spirituality into your primary food will give you some balance to see what’s what and find out if it is a reason you might not be meeting your health goals.

So when you have found a lasting relationship that works best for you, a career that fulfills you, a physical routine that empowers you and spiritual practice that resonates with you; you will be happier and healthier. It isn’t always about food, it can be the primary food that is stopping you from reaching your wellness goals.