Daily Meditation

Meditation Spreading Love through February

First appeared: 02/01/2018

February's Theme


February is a month that has the underlying focus of love; so why not make it about self-love? This month we will be sending love throughout the body via a special meditation.

  • Tool: Breath
  • Description:

    For this meditation, take notice if anything in your body is bothering you; physical or emotional … Any points of tension, pain, or stress.


    For Physical Tension: Take your mental focus to that place of tension and take deep long breaths to that point. Focus on relaxing that area as much as possible and mentally tell yourself to let go or release. If you are counting your breaths then on your inhale focus on that point of tension and on the exhale count the release. Continue to do this until the tension, pain, or stress has been relieved.


    For Emotional Tension: For this kind of tension, first recognize what kind of emotion that it is. If the emotion is sadness then find the point in the body where you feel the densest or heavy (generally in the chest or throat). To release the emotion, send focused breath and love to this area until it feels lighter, then move on to the next point.


    For Anger, find the point in your body that is giving off the most heat (face, head, jaw, hands, and neck or shoulders). To release this emotion, send focused breath and compassion to this area. Breathing the words “it’s okay” with a smile can help, too. Even if it’s not, this is a sneaky trick for your mind.


    Stress or Anxiety: find the point that is most electric or bubbling (chest, neck, gut, or upper back). To release this, send breath and the feeling of release to the point of stress. Sometimes it is helpful to imagine that this feeling is leaving you through points of the hands and feet. Use your breath through the meditation to push the stress out of your body, and ground you closer to the earth. For every inhale, push the negative feeling out of your body and every exhale feel your sitting bones ground deeper into the ground.



If you’re not experiencing any physical or emotional pain today, you can follow the meditation below.


  1. Begin by imaging there is a pink cloud above your head. As you inhale and exhale, imagine the pink cloud is moving over your head and face. As the cloud covers your head and face, imagine that it is pulling all the stress and tension out of this area.
  2. As you continue to breathe and meditate, watch the cloud move down and around your neck and shoulders. Continuing to pull any negative emotion out of your body. As you breathe, the cloud moves down around your chest and arms, removing any stress.
  3. The cloud will continue to move to your fingertips and then down around your torso. Then it will continue to cover the remainder of your body, removing everything you don’t need anymore. Continue to breathe inside this pink oasis of positive energy and love for the remainder of the meditation and if something negative pops up, allow the pink cloud to remove it as you breathe through your inhales and exhales.