How Healthy is Your Career?

February 04, 2017 / Health Coaching, Mind and Body

A key area to pay attention to when trying to improve your health is your career. How much do you enjoy what you do for a living?  You spend most of your waking hours at your job and with your coworkers. The job you hold is a mental marathon. A place where we either constantly tell ourselves “just a few more hours and then we can go home” or “this is my place of purpose and time is not relevant”. Even if neither is the case for you; no matter what way you find to make money you will have to put some strong mental stamina behind it. The key to having less bad days at work and more of the good days? Passion and motivation. You either feel it or you don’t and sometimes it just depends on the day.


Feeling motivated and creative everyday at work is a pretty hard thing to come by. It requires real passion for what you are doing. A feeling of belonging and purpose. You need to feel that what you’re doing at work everyday is in line with what you need to feel whole and balanced as a person. It is so important to like what you are doing and that it likes you back. Spending most of your life in a job that you dislike is just as bad as sitting in front a TV 24/7 getting nothing done and punishing yourself for it. A job you can’t stand can have the same kind of stress on your body as something like binge drinking. It might not be the same physical stress but it can equal the mental stress in every way. Plus, when you are feeling disconnected and unfulfilled at your work you are more likely to develop unhealthy habits to try to cope with why you feel so stressed and unhappy everyday at work when you get home. The ways you use to pick yourself up may be harming your health. You might feel too tired at the end of the day to fit in time for exercise, a well prepared meal or the patients to mediate. Instead you find yourself ordering take-out, sitting on the coach and venting to loved ones around you.  You will resent your job, yourself and others around you for not doing what you really love. Does this sound like something you have been experiencing? What if it’s not just your job? What if it’s something about your job that is causing your health to fizzle.


Something else to consider about your job is if your job is supporting your health? Are you able to maintain healthy habits at work? Are you always in battle with yourself to not eat the snacks in the break room, have that 3rd cup of coffee or get to bed at a reasonable hour? Do you come home too late to go to the gym, is there any time for self care or to practice meditation? Is your career a space where you can be who you want to be? Someone once told me that just because you have spent so much time and effort on one career does not mean you have to do it for the next 40 years. You can change your path at any age and anytime with courage and hard work! The healthiest people in the world are the ones that are constantly finding new ways to feel passionate and feel purpose at their jobs. Some people are lucky enough to find fulfillment in a job for a long time and others might constantly be coming up with new passions over and over again. The point is they search for what they desire and they continue to feel the passion. Passion is worth risk because in the end passion is the reward.


Now if  following your true passion and changing your job is not an option for you and if you are not ready to make the leap of faith or don’t know your true passion, there are ways you can improve how you feel about it. Ask your boss for more challenging work or maybe you need to set better boundaries with your clients. Make your office more healthy.  Find time outside of work for something you’re really passionate about. Take some time to reflect how you feel about your job and if it is truly making you happy or is it just a way to pay the bills. It is important to devote your special talents to something you really care about. Your health and happiness will thank you for it.