I am Craving Some Cravings

July 06, 2016 / Food

How does one fight food cravings? With another addiction of course! Just kidding but it doesn’t take that much work. It is all about listening to what you’re body is telling you and learning jujitsu. Alright once again kidding about the jujitsu but when you have cravings your body is trying to tell you something. Most people including myself usually give into my cravings if they are strong enough. It took me years to master a few simple tricks and to learn what each craving meant so I could stay on my healthy track.

Being healthy can be a challenging thing, especially when you’re first getting started. It usually comes at a price of discomfort and morning but it gets easier I promise. When you handle your cravings and unhealthy habits the right way it can be a really smooth transition and you will have more success.

Success Rule #1:

Do not ignore your cravings!

This is a big one, you’re cravings are telling you something important. You are most likely missing something like a vitamin or mineral. It doesn’t really matter what it is or that you have to figure it out but just know something is low. Another reason could be stress related. Coping with stress can lead to major cravings. Stop and think about what is going on in your life; it could be with work, a relationship, your hormone levels or a trauma that is happening or has happened around this time. Cravings also have triggers so you might not be relating to anything from above but they could be linked to a routine or person and your body will pick up one them.

Success Rule #2:

Never go cold turkey!

If you think that just using will power will get the cravings to stop; you’re wrong. Sorry I know we all hate being wrong and most of us think we are strong enough to tackle the craving monsters but they are like the terminator. Them bitches will be back.

So what can we try instead. My suggestion is to notice, stop, think and drink (not beer). For example, Notice, “oh hey I really really really want some coffee. Ugh, I am trying to cut down on coffee but NOTICE (there is the word) that I really really want coffee…..” See notice then you STOP, before you run for your (insert your chosen method of harnessing coffee here) just take a deep breath and THINK why do you want coffee? The DRINK not coffee, WATER! Start by having a glass of water and this can work with anything coffee, sugar, smoking, you name it and it can be put on pause by water. Of course that will only be a quick fit and way to stop you from giving into the craving monsters! GRRRRRRrrrrrr!

Success Rule #3

Replace! Replace! Replace!

After you have tried the water now it is time to try something else. If it is coffee I suggest maybe some decaf or herbal tea but if it is a caffeine thing may go for a tea with lower caffeine levels and see how you do. Slowly over time you can slowly use less and less caffeine but you get the idea. With sugar maybe you have something with nature sugar, a whole piece of fruit and something not processed. Remember not all calories are created equal so it is important to try something right from our good old mother nature and not from the koolaid man. oh yeah!
Know that it wont happen right a way; some cravings are hardwired and they need time to surface and work themselves out. Also remember these cravings could be linked to other things so be patient. In the end If all else fails take one more deep breath and know that it is okay!

Success Rule #4

Let yourself have it

If you can’t seem to shake it and you have exhausted all of the other options then it is okay. Let yourself have what you’re craving but make this the last resort. Take it nice as slow, as much as you may want to consume at rapid fire try to savor your craving. You may consume much less of it and start to uncover why it is you’re craving it. Also when you have satisfied your craving notice how it made you feel. Bloated, gassy, stomach hurt, depressed, irritable or defeated? Notice it could be physical, emotional or mental but decide how this craving make you feel. It is a strategy that can help you conquer these hard cravings.
The greatest thing we can do for our bodies is being to listen to how the things we do make us feel. This we contribute to an extraordinary change into being a happier, healthier more content and fulfilled human.